Bar & Bat Mitzvahs

Take one of our DJs and a high energy MC and you have a recipe for some serious fun!!  A huge selection of music and participation is a must!

We will work with you in the pre-planning session to create a custom package that fits your style and personality.  

Your detailed planning forms can be found online for your convenience.  You can assemble your list of favorite songs, games, trivia and of course the Candle Lighting Ceremony.  

Our standard sound system is perfect for up to 150 guests.  Once you go above that number, we encourage you to upgrade the sound.  This will make a big difference for the guests and believe us -- They will notice the change!

You like playing games?  Fantastic!  We can offer several different games.  The most popular ones are:  Mitzvah Trivia and Mummy Wrap.Choose all the games for the celebration!

LIGHTING -We do offer custom monograms, beautiful dance floor texturing, follow-spotlights and some of the best truss-mounted club-style lighting around!


  • A wide variety of high-quality screens and high-output LCD projectors.
  • Live video camera feeds direct to big screen (for your grand entrance, candle lighting, Hora and open dancing!)
  • Live photo slideshow creation - projected in real time as it's happening!
  • Big-screen music video DJing (VJ!)

Add Ons Include:

  • Photo Booths
  • WII Gaming
  • Karaoke! 


I had my Bar Mitzvah. I had practiced 5-plus years for it, and I was so excited after the service, so when I got to the place I was going to have the party, I was so excited to see the awesome lights and music pumping when I walked in. Raffi played the Sharks goal horn and had the spotlight on me. I entered the main part of the party just like a hockey player... It was so cool! I definitely recommend Raffi for anyone looking to have a great Bat or Bar Mitzvah party!!!

~Kyle Schwartz, age 13 

Sound in Motion and Raffi Nalvarian were the perfect choice for my son's Bar Mitzvah. The following are 10 reasons why...

  1. Raffi and Sound In Motion were easy to work with.
  2. Kyle and Raffi hit it off right away.
  3. Amazing lighting!
  4. Super fun music!
  5. Raffi had the coolest idea to have Kyle enter the main party room just like a San Jose Sharks player... same music and all! Kyle loved it, we loved it and so did our guests.
  6. Raffi even had a former Sharks player call Kyle during the party to congratulate him. Kyle was beaming.
  7. Our friends AND the kids (mostly boys) danced a TON!
  8. Raffi's team was professional and fun, and Raffi is one of the nicest people on the planet.
  9. They totally played along with our "Jeans and Jersey" (Sharks and Giants) theme.
  10. Our 10 year old son said, "I want to use Raffi for my Bar Mitzvah too." Now that's a compliment!

~Melissa Schwartz, Mother of the Bar Mitzvah boy

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