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Mikey Elliott

Whether it be top-notch weddings or Fortune 500 business holiday parties, professional sporting events or award winning club nights, Mike has seen and experienced it all! Going back to the summer of 2001, Mike got his first taste of being a Master of Ceremonies and DJ when he convinced (or duped!) his parents into inviting…

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A little bit of Holiday Spirit on Candlestick’s last night

It was such an incredible honor and privilege to be part of the production team in the ceremonial closing of Candlestick Park on December 23, 2013’s Monday Night Football game between the Atlanta Falcons and the San Francisco 49ers! There were countless memories for so many of us there, and whether you worked at the…

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Social Media Overdose

With the advent of social media – I am finding more and more brides who are OVERDOSING on information. Often times it’s commentary they read on a past bride’s blog page, a wedding planning forum, Pinterest or Instagram. I took the time to read several BLOGS and talk to couples that were in the planning…

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The Joy Of Gospel Sundays

I’ll preface this by saying I’m not a religious man in the traditional sense. Oh, I have my beliefs and I consider myself very spiritual, but in terms of discussion, that is usually where I stop. That, however, has not stopped me from marveling at and being awestruck by the spiritual power capable of being…

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