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Bringing Back The Nostalgia A La 1990’s

Here at Sound In Motion, our training program covers A LOT of ground! One of the most fun, and interestingly, most challenging parts for our trainees is our Music History section. Within those units, our trainees are exposed to so much – from Baroque and BeBop to Trap and Twerk! One of the simple principles…

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Stephen Fletcher

Meet Stephen Fletcher! Born and raised in Boise, Idaho, he moved to Santa Cruz on a whim because life needs to be fun like that sometimes. Having a veterinary technician for a mom, he grew up assisting her helping animals that were in need. From these experiences, he came to develop a sincere passion for…

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Todd Scalisi

Santa Cruz County native Todd Scalisi is a musician, music teacher and an all-around appreciator of the performing arts. With a degree in Music Performance from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, he has a long history of rehearsing and preparing for peak performance, which he sees as being invaluable to being a successful DJ and…

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