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Your “Do Not Play” List

“Oh!!! I HATE that song!!!” We’ve all said it, right? Whether it’s because it’s annoying to you, or it reminds you of someone you’d rather forget, or because nobody who’s cool likes it or because, well, “it was an ok song I guess but it got SO overplayed that I’m just done”, we get it…

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The Anniversary Dance

It is fairly often that I will meet with clients who don’t want to do a bouquet toss. Some people have few or no single friends, and a bouquet toss would be an awkward flop. Others simply feel like a bouquet toss is not their style, and would rather pass. While a bouquet toss can…

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Your Beach Wedding Ceremony

How to have a successful beach ceremony! Who wouldn’t want to be married with the soothing sounds of lapping ocean waves with sand between their toes? As beautiful and romantic beach weddings are, they do bring up their own challenges though. Many of us at Sound In Motion Entertainment have been a part of MANY…

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Wedding Poetry

Wedding Poetry Poetry is about connection. It can evoke intense feelings with few words, and the more emotion it arouses in you, the more you love it. This is why poetry is so appropriate for weddings, and why there’s such a long relationship between the two. In today’s modern culture, more couples are wanting verse…

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