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The History Behind Villa Montalvo

The Sound In Motion team has been a part of hundreds of events at Montalvo Art Center aka Villa Montalvo. It’s one of the prettiest venues you will come across in the Bay Area. There’s a great bit of history about it. Have you ever wondered about the story behind such an amazing property? Here’s…

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Meet your DJ/MC…Seriously – You Should. :)

One of the biggest reasons people like working with us here at SIM is that we encourage all of our clients to meet with the actual DJ/MC who will be with them at their event before they commit to booking with us. In this day and age, with people‚Äôs time being at more of a…

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Holiday Music!! AAAAHH!!! HELP!!!

It feels like we’ve been hearing about Christmas and the holidays since August! I’m guessing next year Christmas lights will be in the stores starting in January! In fact, they should just have a section in ALL STORES dedicated to all holiday accessories. Enough of the rant. Let’s have some fun with some pieces of…

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Is the average wedding MC playing hurt?

We ask this question because they sure seem to be leaning on crutches while they are working! We occasionally have the pleasure of attending weddings as a guest, and sometimes we see and hear things which make us think a little bit. Mostly, we are trying to see what we can learn to do better,…

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