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Weekday Weddings: Better Prices, More Availability

By Murphy Park Although the weekend will always be the premiere time for a wedding, weekday weddings hold a surprising amount of benefits, but as well of course, a few downsides. Whether you’re looking to save a few dollars, or you’re just willing to adjust in order to book your dream venue, don’t write off…

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Rainy Day Weddings Are Awesome!

By Murphy Park I’ve been thinking about rainy day weddings for awhile and it’s as relevant right now as it will ever be. We went without rain for five years, and we got used to it. With the recent onslaught of water, it looks like we’re back to our old Central California ‘selves, and unfortunately it’s time…

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St. Patrick Loved Hockey!

By Adrian Cavlan It’s true! And that’s why we have hockey games every St. Patrick’s Day! See what I did there? And THIS St. Patrick’s Day you can join Sound In Motion and your San Jose Barracuda over at SAP Center for a 7:30pm faceoff against the Stockton Heat. Tickets may still be available here:…

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Live The Wedding Moment!!

Hundreds of hours are spent planning a wedding. Picking out the wedding dress, location, date, who to invite, choosing the vendors etc. In the minds of most couples is to make sure their guests have a great time on the wedding day. The one thing that can be forgotten is making sure the couple has…

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