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The World Of Latin Music – Reggaeton It Is!

Reggaeton is Puerto Rico’s horse in this race, and since its inception in the early 1990s, it has surged to a huge lead! It has broken down many musical barriers and has resulted in a collaboration leading to the #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at the time of this writing, Despacito by…

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Salsa! The Music! The Blog!

By Adrian Cavlan Salsa is actually a relatively recent American form of Latin dance music, emerging from the traditions of Cuban (heavily leaning on Son) and Puerto Rican music mixed at turns with a little bit of American Jazz, Rock, R&B and Funk: how’s THAT for a music salad? Oh, but what a salad it…

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The Fun Sounds Of Merengue!

This week we’re going to listen and learn about the world of Merengue! Merengue is one of the most infectious and fun styles of music in the world. You don’t have to know a darned thing about anything – you will be simply swept up in its intoxicating rhythm and be moving and jumping before…

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SIM Latin Music Banda Style Pt. III

By Adrian Cavlan Here’s a little look at the world of the Latin music genre known as Banda! Banda is more about a specific type of instrumentation than a specific style. That is to say, all Banda music is performed by a large (usually 10-20 players) ensemble made up mainly of wind instruments (i.e. trumpets,…

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