2019 Wedding Trends

By Shawn Cavlan

When you work in an industry that is old as time itself, it is important to try to look at it with fresh eyes and try out new versions of what has been done in years past.  Here are some of the trends for 2019…..


1 Copper is the hip metal for this year.  It will be seen in everything from invitations to place settings.

2 Less is more.  Bold, but minimalistic in everything from “blank slate” venues to wedding cakes.  Couples are embracing a more deconstructed and natural look.

3 Mix and Match.  The details are less polished and give a more relaxed and natural look and feel.  This can be in anything from attire to decor. Think of a mix and match of china patterns and linens to create a unique visual effect.

4 Greenery and big feathery grasses.  There seems to be a push toward simple plants in either ceramic or wooden boxes as a centerpiece.  Some couples are doing away with the green altogether and going toward big, showy feather grasses like Pampas Grass (think Mandy Moore’s wedding)

5 Signage.  This has become pretty commonplace at weddings ranging from wooden signs to chalkboards.  We are now seeing a switch to marquee and neon signage. Light Box signage is giving a bold and minimalistic look that is trending.

6 Food as part of the decor.  We have seen (and enjoyed!) the donut wall, but also spotted have been sculptural bread displays and hors-d’oeuvres served on shelves during cocktail hour.  For the Foodie Couple, I bet this will start gaining a lot of traction.

Have fun creating your fun and memorable wedding day!

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