Adam Millman


adam millman.png

Dynamic. Compassionate. Engaging.

Inclusive, organized, anal-retentive, quirky, approachable, friendly, energetic. If Jim Carrey had procreated with an analogue cloning machine, Adam would be their lovechild. Made entirely of funny bones and exuding an aura of super-kind-hearted-ness, there could be no other answer as for his origins. A truly kind individual, great person, and collaborator. To live a life full of great interactions, experiences, people, and food is the center of Adam’s focus as he moves through each day, feeling good just like Nina Simone!

Adam began his music interest with the saxophone and trombone in 6th grade. Since then, he has experimented with the piano, bass guitar, and djembe. In 9th grade, he started mixing and producing music using Garageband on his parents iMac. Now he mainly beatboxes because it allows him to create and share music at any location, anytime while living a dynamic lifestyle.

His positive energy and ability to engage others has allowed him to fit right into the the SIM family.

Adam holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from San Francisco State University but continues to challenge himself at every turn. Whether it’s running a business, learning the latest music to mix together for his events, or figuring out how to build a tape dispenser out of an aluminum block, Adam is constantly challenging his brain to be the best person he can be!

Meet Adam Millman!