Andy Hayward



Andy Hayward was born and raised in the Santa Cruz mountains, and is a lifelong lover of art and music.  Sometimes referred to as a "renaissance man" by his friends and family, Andy has pursued visual art, writing, and playing music since he was old enough to pursue anything!

Currently, Andy is a student at UC Santa Cruz with a major in Community Studies, and prior to UCSC, he received his Associate's degree in History while attending Cabrillo College.  In his daily life, Andy continues to passionately study art and music as much as possible, constantly listening to music, practicing it, as well as drawing daily.  

Andy loves working with other people, making them laugh, and turning any situation he can into a fun one!  He is also a professional that comes with a focused, upbeat attitude, years of experience with entertaining others, and skills that are sure to bring life to your party!

Any event he is involved with, Andy brings it 100%, trying to make your day the best and most memorable it can be.
Give him a call and he would be more than happy to speak with you about how we can make any event a great time for you and all of your guests!"