10 Things To Think About When Hiring Wedding Entertainment

1. On your wedding day, you can’t hide bad entertainment.

2. Professional-grade MCs are rare and precious, and are the most important part of your wedding day entertainment.

3. Great entertainment will never be found "cheap". Proven professionals know what they are worth.

Nightmare At Your Wedding?

Nightmare At Your Wedding?


4. There is nothing better than a great wedding band, but you have to know how to find them.

5. There are a million and one DJs, but a great wedding DJ is comparatively rare.

6. A great DJ is better than a good band.

7. Business licenses, liability insurance and a backup plan are a must - and worth their weight in peace-of-mind!

8. Hire ceremony musicians with care, as they are under a sonic microscope when they are performing.

9. Regardless of how you will handle ceremony music, you will most likely need ceremony P.A. service so your guests will hear the officiant!

10. Don't hire entertainers who look at your wedding as just another "gig".

11. (Did I say 10?) Be creative and daring! Wow your guests with a night they'll never forget! And remember, chair covers will not be the factor that produces that result - your entertainment WILL.

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Adrian Cavlan is a DJ, MC and musician who has been performing professionally for almost 30 years and has performed at well over 1200 weddings. His music business career began as a booking agent for wedding bands and ceremony musicians and he has owned and operated Sound In Motion DJs & Video (soundinmotioneg.com) in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas with his business partner King Raffi since 1999. Contact him at adrian@soundinmotioneg.com

Adrian Cavlan