All Dressed Up But Nowhere To Go: Sound In Motion's 2013 Open House Brings It All Home!

By: DJ Ross Efaw

The Sound In Motion 2013 Open House was a great success, with all the fixins: Great food, spectacular décor lighting, and of course the best DJ’s in the Bay Area all in one place!  But what really made the night memorable were the people we got to spend time with....and the s'mores!  But mainly the people, yes, the people...I know that may sound cliché, but it is a bit of a rarity to meet and socialize with your fellow industry associates outside of the professional eventscape.  Yeah sure, you may enjoy a few moments together at the vendor table, or trading stories during set-up, or even a playful Facebook exchange here and there.

But this was a unique opportunity, where there was no real business agenda- just getting to know your fellow colleagues a little better.  That meant talking about more than just what was happening on THAT given day.. but what’s happening tomorrow, or next year, or how their spouses or their children were doing.  Once the barriers started to come down (assisted by various means encouragement) then it became a very relaxed and FUN environment.  People were connecting with old and new friends, enjoying their beverage of choice, and regaling over how freaking good those tacos were...and how you HAD to try the orange colored sauce!...I’m actually craving one of those tacos right now.

Anyway, it’s nice to see those who are near and dear to you in this industry show up at your own doorstep with smiling faces.  After all, as Mobile DJ’s we travel a lot, from San Francisco to San Jose to Monterey and everywhere outside and in between. So it’s usually us doing all the visiting.  So in a way, this was a chance for Sound In Motion to give back to our friends, kind of like saying “Thanks for having us for so many years, now come on down to our place where we can treat you!”

Now that the people have all gone home, the gourmet tacos eaten, the wine consumed and the marshmallows roasted, all we have left are the memories... I suspect this is a similar feeling that many brides and grooms have after a great wedding.  It’s almost bittersweet.  It’s always a little sad when the party is over, and all you have are the memories.  But when those memories are with the people you care about, they tend to last a lifetime :)"

-DJ Ross Efaw

Adrian Cavlan