#ashtag yor wedding!

Untitled drawing (2)

Untitled drawing (2)

By Brandon Portillo

Want to listen to music? There's an app for that.

Want to watch movies? There's an app for that.

Want to show off your big wedding day!?!? You guessed it...There's apps for that!!

Most of us have social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram, Snapchat, etc... Did you know that by simply using a "hashtag" you can publish your post into a custom file on these social media outlets? Allow me to explain:

By hashtagging something, you are putting it in a file on most social media search engines. This means that anyone in the world can add to this same file by using a simple hashtag such as #soundinmotion. Now, every post that had that hashtag can be searched and seen publicly!

At your ceremony and throughout your entire wedding day you can have chalkboards and/or posters with your custom hashtag. Have your MC encourage your guests to post all of their pictures taken that day and tag them with your custom hashtag and you will be able to see them anytime!

Hashtags - the modern way to share your special day with everyone!

Adrian Cavlan