A/V @ Your Wedding - Microphones • Music • More

We at Sound in Motion are professionals in our industry. Professionalism is something we do not take lightly, and our company operates in such a way that enables us to maintain that level of excellence. Part of being a professional is understanding how the tools of our trade work on a deeper level. In our industry, this translates to audio and visual equipment (AV for short).

As performers, we work with AV equipment all the time. This includes all the gear we use at weddings, school dances, etc. However, we are also heavily involved in AV specific events. At these events, we are AV technicians. There is no performance aspect involved, and we focus completely on the setup and operation of equipment. We work closely with venues to provide these services to groups who rent out banquet spaces for company meetings, seminars, and so on. This involves the setup and operation of microphones, projection systems, polycom teleconference systems, and more.

The AV department of our company may seem like a minor thing when compared to the large scale productions of weddings and other events, but it is equally valuable to us. AV services indirectly benefit other events where we are the entertainers. Because our AV technicians are the same people as our DJ's, our events receive the benefit of an experienced and professional AV technician that doubles as a DJ. If, for example, there is a microphone problem during the standard pre-ceremony sound check, your DJ will be able to deductively narrow down the issue to its source. This is the difference between somebody who knows how to simply operate equipment and someone who knows how to troubleshoot (think somebody who knows how to read time from a watch versus a person who fixes watches).

Our AV services provide constant refinement and growth for our DJ's in their equipment knowledge which carries over to our entertainment events. This is one of the ways we are able to achieve the level of professionalism we strive for. We do not simply teach our staff how to use equipment. We also give them the experience and training to understand how it works on a deeper level. The two go hand in hand, and the results speak for themselves.

Thanks for reading!

Adrian Cavlan