Here Comes Your Holiday Party!!

A packed dance floor Sound In Motion style!

A packed dance floor Sound In Motion style!

By Raffi Nalvarian

At Sound In Motion we are proud to say we’ve been providing entertainment at thousands of events since the inception of our company.  From the 50k+ people attending Levi’s Stadium for 49ers games, 17k+ fans attending a San Jose Sharks game, to the most intimate of wedding celebrations with 40 guests and of course all the Bay Area company holiday parties.  With this much experience, the Sound In Motion team can share a lot of great ideas and suggestions to make your event a success.

So here are some suggestions if you’re planning a holiday party:


Cocktail & dinner music that isn’t a sleep aid.  While we don’t suggest pounding dance music, we do like the idea of a creative playlist that has some personality.

Dancing for all!  This is where we really dig into finding out more about the guests attending.  Demographic, the type of business and the personality of the guests attending.  Once we have some of this in place, we work with you to create a custom playlist that matches your company and the guests.  The direction can go from popular Top 40, Country, Bollywood, Motown, Cumbia, Banda and so on.

The Photo Booth!  The photo booth continues to be a great addition to all events.  It is the most popular add on to all of our events.  Props, booth attendants and tons of photos!

A Roaming Photographer… This has become very popular amongst our company events!  Our photographer is strolling around and taking group photos during the evening.  This will also include action shots on the dance floor!  After the event you receive all the photos to share with your fellow employees.  Check out the link and you can read a bit more about what we can do for you.

Feel free to contact the Sound In Motion office if you would like to book your party!  

Adrian Cavlan