Dance Floors! Recommended sizes & rentals...

Here at Sound In Motion, we have DJ'd and MC'd thousands of events and we know how important the often-overlooked size/proportion factor can be in setting the proper atmosphere for a successful party.

Have you ever been to a party where there is a HUGE, beautiful dance floor set up for dancing later in the event, but then... NOBODY dances?

Well, there could be several reasons for that. Maybe the lights are too high, the crowd is too uptight or just doesn't like to dance, or maybe the music is just plain wrong (couldn't be one of our events... just wanted to say ; ) - but maybe it's because the dance floor is SO big that no one wants to be one of three couples on a giant observation deck that is built to hold 300 people!

Here are some size recommendations that we have seen work well:

# Guests

Recommended Size (approx.)


10' x 10'


15' x 15'


20' x 20'


25' x 25'


30' x 30'



Also - remember, we can get you set up with dance floor rental - NO PROBLEM! Just ask. And not just standard dance floors either - we have access to unique, stunning floors that will set your event completely apart from the norm.

Adrian Cavlan