DJ Adrian Cavlan Makes 'Bringing Work Home' Fun For The Family!

By Adrian Cavlan

A funny thought occurred to me one day when I was about to introduce another beautiful bride and her husband at Holman Ranch, and we shared a quick laugh about it: I was preparing them to be announced into to the Rose Patio when I shared with them how funny it was because when I am at home, I often tease my kids by introducing them into the room if they happen to walk in. It always gets a smirk out of everyone (well, you know, because I’ve only done it a few hundred times...), but it suddenly made me laugh to think how my chosen career as a professional MC and DJ has affected the rest of my life!

How about music? Well, my oldest daughter (name inspired by Ella Fitzgerald) could name all of the members of the Miles Davis’ Quintet by the time she was four. They knew all of the lyrics to Simon & Garfunkel’s “For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her” and The Beatles’ “Yesterday” and they could actually sing “Blackbird” in a beautiful duet too. I took them to Music Together (highly recommended!) from the time they were infants and started them in piano lessons as soon as they were allowed at age seven.

Then of course there’s the matter of the iPods and friend envy: do you think my kids lack even one song on their iPods that they want? Do you think that they don’t have access to new tracks by the biggest Top 40 artists weeks before most special event DJs do and sometimes months before the public does? Yes, you can rest assured that their music-loving friends are pretty stoked on that!It’s not all kittens and rainbows though. So... well... if pressured, they might say that Dad’s a tad of a control freak on the car radio for long trips. They certainly would say that it might be nice to see a little more of Dad on the weekends and be able to participate a little more in all of the fun, family-oriented activities that always seem to be built around Saturdays. Do they mind that there are commercial-grade sound systems in more than a few rooms of the house? Who knows?All in all, though, the life of a professional DJ is pretty darned fun, and I will say this: I think that how much a person enjoys their work certainly translates into a higher level of  overall happiness in his or her life, and that, in the end, makes for a happy if not slightly quirky home life for the whole family.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into a part of our profession that isn’t often discussed : )


Adrian Cavlan