DJ Adrian is asked... "What do I miss about DJing weddings?"

By Adrian Cavlan

Well, I was a wedding DJ/MC for 28 years. It was a heck of a run, and the only reason I stopped (paused?) is because my job here as the GM of Sound In Motion got to be a bit too demanding to enable me to give my 100% focus to everything and everyone. And, since we have so many excellent DJs here but just one GM, we thought it best to be smart about how we used our people.

That all said, I still have the pleasure of being able to interface with all of the wonderful friends “in the business”  that I made over all those years, and almost to the person, they have all asked me this one question:

What do I miss about DJing weddings?

Well, I’ll tell you.

It’s easy: the moments. 

In most people's line of work, they don't get to have their spirits enriched every week. They don’t get to stand as witness, with a front row seat, to some of the very best moments that people have in their lives.

The declaration of love and commitment in the vows... 

The expressions of love, respect and appreciation that happen in a heartfelt toast...

The tear that rolls down the cheek of a bride while she dances with her father…

photo: Kathleen Schwartz

photo: Kathleen Schwartz

What a privilege. What a sublime pleasure.

In our family (both work and home), we make a point of practicing gratitude. Let me tell you, I have been so grateful for the experience I had as part of so many celebrations.

Here’s hoping that celebrating love in front of all of one’s family and friends never goes out of style.

Adrian Cavlan