DJ Cameron Paul - R.I.P.

By Raffi Nalvarian

If you grew up in the Bay Area in the 80’s and 90’s, listened to mix shows on the radio or danced in some of the biggest nightclubs in area - You likely heard one of the greatest DJs in our music scene. I first heard him doing mix shows on KMEL and later at KSOL and he was AWESOME!!! There was no such thing as DJ software or even the thought of music being on a laptop. He was playing on two turntables and basic mixer. No bells and whistles, no effects...NO NOTHING! The energy he created on the dance floor was because he had the feel for what songs worked best with each other and understanding who he was entertaining.

This Music Craftsman went on to remix and produce a lot great music.

Below you will find a really cool remix that he did for C.C.C.P and the song is called American-Soviets

I just found some great mixes from some of his old radio shows. You’ll get a kick out of this set!

Cameron Paul - Thanks for all the great nights in the clubs, the insane radio mixes and for being a class act throughout your entire career! You inspired a lot of us to become DJs!!Heaven is going to sound like an amazing nightclub! R.I.P. Cameron Paul

Adrian Cavlan