Do You Have Plan B Wedding Day?

You have prepped and planned this day for months and the backdrop has always been sun. What do you do if Mother Nature forces you to take a left turn and run for cover? There has been a lot of great advice written about what to do if it rains on your wedding day. Here are some great tips for comfort and a good attitude.

Make A Plan

About six weeks before your big day, write up a rainy day contingency plan you can pass out to your vendors and guests if the skies open up at your wedding. Include alternative directions to a location change and changes to your timeline that allow for delays in travel time and setup.

Buy Event Insurance

Heavy rain is not something you can control. You can plan in advance, however. Be a smart bride and purchase Wedding Insurance. This way if things don’t go as planned, you will be able to recoup some of your investment.

Designate who will help carry out the alternate plan

A detailed plan of attack when switching between your ideal plan and your alternate plan can mean all the difference to how smooth your day runs. If your venue doesn’t provide help with this, make sure you call up the groomsmen or other attendants before the wedding to ask for assistance, and designate when you’ll make the final call, as well as who will take care of what.

Keep It Pretty

Bright umbrellas and rain boots add a special touch to the ensemble. Maybe a special pair of Bridal rain boots will add a spark to the darker skies. :)

Get Creative With Photos

Your photographers will LOVE those overcast skies because they offer some of the best lighting. Get playful with lighting and rainy window panes that make for beautiful artistic photos.

Laugh it off

Making light of the cloudy skies is the best way to keep a positive attitude. Maybe switch your signature cocktail to a “Dark and Stormy” or “Hot Buttered Rum.” Pepper your dance music with rain themed songs. It may seem campy, but it will bring a light hearted feel and be so memorable.

If it's still raining at the end of your event, why not share a dance with your newlywed sans umbrella? These will make for beautiful photos and are a fun way to end the night. Just make sure you're wearing waterproof mascara and have a dry change of clothes in the limo!

Adrian Cavlan