Fashion Trends For Weddings Gowns

Fashion Trends for 2015

By Shawn Cavlan

Being the sole woman (and only non-DJ) in management at Sound In Motion, I thought I would keep bringing the female perspective. As I was trying to think of what I wanted to contribute in this blog I could not think of anything related to music, lighting, entertainment etc. What I could think about was wedding dresses, colors and styling :)

As someone who watches Bridal Fashion each year, I am always impressed with what designers are able to do with a few tweaks from previous seasons or an addition of color. What can become very tired gets energized and that foundation of the styling (the dress) reaches into the overall styling of the wedding. I find that fascinating.

Here are the 6 key trends that were featured during the Spring 2015 Bridal Fashion Week

1) Off The Shoulder

Even though this seems to be a permanent look, it is just so quintessentially bridal that it will never look old. Rather than a lot of stiff materials we are seeing softer, more fluid ones. This definitely gives a princess feel.

2) Illusion Backs

I love this trend because it is a way to add an edge without being overt about it. So beautiful!

3) Oversized bows

When you super size the bow it stops looking little girl and starts looking much more couture.

4) Pearl Details

There seems to be a movement away from crystals to pearls. This still provides a glow to the dress, but in a very elegant way.

5) Non-Traditional Colors

I think this is my favorite. As so many deeply held wedding traditions are being adapted to contemporary thinking or simply dropped, the migration to other colors beyond white is starting to gain some ground. We will be seeing soft pinks, greens and other blushy tones.

6) Lace Sleeves

The Royal Wedding is still having effect. Many dresses that would have been strapless or off the shoulder have added lace sleeves.

Adrian Cavlan