Fun Gadgets At Your Next Event!

By Brandon Portillo

Nowadays there are so many new gadgets that help in your daily life, bluetooth headsets or stereos. Quick magnetized charging pads that don’t require cables. Selfie sticks that help take the perfect selfie or even GoPros that capture the most candid events. I recently experienced a wedding in which the bride and groom had plenty of these new gadgets out to help make it a very hands on.

The first item that was placed at each table was a selfie stick! I saw these on the dance floor, around the table, and yes even in the bathroom for a “bathroom selfie”.

The neat thing about this item is that you could capture big group photos without leaving anyone out of the shot!

The neatest one I saw was a drone with a camera for during ceremony and cocktails. This created some crazy birds-eye view footage that could be later used for a montage or wedding video!

Another creative gadget being passed around was a GoPro attached to a head band. Various members of the bridal party taking turns wearing it throughout the night so that they could capture an in person view of the party. This had to be some of the best footage especially during dancing!

Now the most considerate one was a charging station. It was a simple cocktail table with a variety of cables for the different phones in the market plugged into a USB outlet. This was a game winner as you would be able to plug your phone in and store it in a small pocket so that it’s just not hanging there. This was very thoughtful and creative as it allowed everyone to have their phones charged for more pictures of even perhaps call a taxi later and not worry about having a phone with no power.

These are just few of many ideas you could bring out to your wedding day to give your wedding that 2016 touch!

Adrian Cavlan