Holiday Music!! AAAAHH!!! HELP!!!

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 1.25.38 AM

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 1.25.38 AM

It feels like we've been hearing about Christmas and the holidays since August! I'm guessing next year Christmas lights will be in the stores starting in January! In fact, they should just have a section in ALL STORES dedicated to all holiday accessories.

Enough of the rant. Let's have some fun with some pieces of Holiday music Sound In Motion style!

Here's a little Lauryn Hill for you - The Little Drummer Boy.

It was recorded in 1999. Enjoy.


How about something in the Reggae vibe from Jacob Miller - Natty Christmas - 1978


Going to the world of old school rap - Kurtis Blow - Christmas Rappin' 1979


OK - I can't resist! We need one more from the old school rap department! Run DMC - Christmas In Hollis 1987


We all know Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Here's one of the many memorable songs from the show - 1970


So here's the last one for you and probably one of the greatest pieces of musical holiday cheer!

Charlie Brown Christmas - 1965


Happy Holidays!!

Raffi Nalvarian

Adrian Cavlan