iPods, Bar Bands and Club DJs: one professional wedding planner's perspective

Here at Sound In Motion, we get some interesting (and in this case, a little bit sad) emails... emails that tell us about things our fellow professionals see on a regular basis at some weddings. Sometimes, we learn about something new, which is great, but this time we heard about some things that we hear all too often as professional MC/DJs.

This one came to us from a person who has worked with us at least 100 times over the last 15 years. She is a professional in-house wedding coordinator at Santa Cruz's fabulous Dream Inn, a luxurious oceanfront hotel at which we have the privilege of being a preferred vendor.

Please, read on:

Hi Adrian,

I can’t wait to work with you again. I have had three weddings recently with iPods. What a disaster!

The first challenge is that no one was acting as their master of ceremonies. No one was appointed to help keep the timing and the flow of the event going. No one was making announcements!

The iPod? The delays between songs, the different levels between the songs, the long intros to some songs that no one wants to hear... no one was there to manage the iPod.

Which brings me to another great point: Bands. Do people who hire a band for their wedding ever consider the idea that the band may go on break during the cake cutting? Not only that, but with many bands, you have worry if they will show up on time, how much space will they be taking up with their drum set and that they may need up to three hours for set up and a loud sound check. And then... do you really want a rock and roll hair-do at your wedding?

I would like to conclude my rant with the "Club DJ": Sure, he/she can mix it up at the club, but can they announce the bridal party? This isn’t just a party... it is their wedding day!!! Memories will be created that will last a lifetime, and I just want them to be happy ones.

(ed. note: how about this *true story* from just last weekend: bride and groom spend hundreds of dollars to rent specialized gear per the Club DJ's technical requirements and then have a groomsman drive it all down to Santa Cruz from San Francisco... then the Club DJ NO-SHOWS on the wedding day!!! IT HAPPENED. No lie.)

Adrian, please share this with your brides: I am highly not recommending any of these disservices to their dream day!

Warm Regards,

Aurora Smith

Sales and Catering Manager

Santa Cruz Dream Inn

Well, what do you think?

We understand that some people don't want the "typical" wedding DJ at their wedding, and honestly, we are thrilled to hear that. Sound In Motion has been anything but typical since we started the company. In fact, many of the things that were considered too progressive (wearing nice suits instead of cheesy polyester tuxes) or out-of-bounds (mixing with CDs) when we started our company later became things that many emulated in our industry.

And now? Sound In Motion continues to strive to be at the cutting edge of both technology and service. There is NO company in Northern California that spends more time on continuing education and in turn educating our staff.

Call us today to learn more about why a professional-grade MC/DJ is one of the best investments you can possibly make on your wedding day. Or, you can get a good start by clicking here.

Adrian Cavlan