Kevin Reflects Back To His Wedding Two Years Later

Kevin & Diana's First Dance

Kevin & Diana's First Dance

I remember when I first got engaged, I thought “I can finally relate to what all of my clients are going through.” This was true...there are things about planning a wedding that you really can’t TRULY appreciate until you’ve experienced it yourself.

For the first year or so after the wedding, I was still glowing, and was able to offer fresh, inside perspect to my clients about the big day, and how I survived, and what was the best and worst parts.

Now here I am 2 years later, looking back on our wedding no longer as ‘newlyweds...’ The idea of being married is no longer fresh and new, and there are lessons learned that are best viewed in retrospect.

1) Be gracious. Be warm. It takes a conscious effort. Remember, everyone there is there for YOU. That is the ONLY reason. Friends and family who are trying to help can sometimes be annoying, and it can be easy to lose your cool. Remember they are trying to help, and often they don’t know how… There were a few times on and right before my wedding that I got snappy with some of my closest friends and family. I bet they don’t remember it, but I do, and I still feel bad.

2) The most important part of a wedding is THE PEOPLE. Not the venue. Not the food. Not even the DJ. Celebrate your friends, because they are there celebrating you. The effect will be reciprocal, and everyone will remember it for the rest of their lives.

3) Hire a videographer. It has only been 2 years since our wedding, and D and I just watched our wedding video for the first time. It brought us both to tears, and the most amazing part was how many moments of laughter and love we had FORGOTTEN! Imagine years from now, being able to watch in HD how you looked on the day you got married. It would be amazing if I could see wedding videos of my parents...or grandparents…

4) Take time to be connect with your partner. On the day of our wedding, D and I spent time eating breakfast together, running errands, putting together some thank you notes...ALONE! It was memorable and special to get to spend real time together on the day of the storm, and I think it really leveled us out.

5) Remember to connect with your elders. Chances are you’re going to have some grandparents, and/or older relatives at your wedding. Make sure you take a moment talk to them. It is very easy to miss connecting with your guests, but the younger folks will be more forgiving if you do. There were people at my wedding I didn’t talk to once. I wish I would have at least said hello!

6) DON’T SWEAT THE PETTY THINGS! This is actually sometime I knew before hand, but still look back and remember. It doesn’t matter if this or that goes wrong. The ship is sailing...the ball is rolling. Trust the people you’ve hired, and trust that everything will turn out ok. If little things go wrong here or there, it really won’t matter in the end. Have fun and celebrate heartily!

Adrian Cavlan