By Raffi Nalvarian:

What makes a great wedding day? There are some really easy and obvious answers: Great food, great friends and lots of dancing!

While this all seems to make sense, there is a much larger factor that comes into play - THE BRIDE AND GROOM.

Over the years of planning and being the musical part of the wedding day and dare say being a game day manager, I've noticed one thing: When the bride and groom are having fun, EVERYBODY is having fun!  Guests can sense the happiness that a bride and groom are emanating

On the flip side, they also sense the stress that surrounds many couples on the wedding day itself.

More times than not (though not always), the bride is the creative force behind the wedding day. Spending hundreds of hours planning in hopes of having the PERFECT wedding.

Let me share a little dose of reality - There will be changes, and ad libs, and audibles all the way up to the wedding day. Even little decisions become magnified which can make a bride crazy!  And of course there are the guests who show up even though they never sent back their RSVP- Yes this happens all the time!

The one incident that really jumps out at me is from a wedding I did last January.  The bride had given her vows to the Maid of Honor to bring to the venue.  Just before the ceremony she asks for the vows.  Guess what?  Maid of Honor forgot them, leaving the bride to make up her vows during the ceremony.  The ceremony went perfectly and nobody had any idea of what had happened.  She could have panicked, got mad or been furious the rest of the time - But none of that happened.  I was impressed by her composure and just letting the wedding reception take its own course- and let me tell you, it  was a lot of fun!!

Moral of the story - You can plan all you want, just know that things will change and stuff happens.  Go with the flow and enjoy the wedding day with your friends and family!  It's an electric day! :)


Adrian Cavlan