Love Is Patient, But You Have To Time It Right!... Raffi Shares One of His Favorite B&G Stories :)

By Raffi Nalvarian

Over the years of being a part of over 2000 weddings, I get asked if I get tired of doing weddings.

The Answer - Absolutely NOT!  In fact, they are some of my favorite events.  Why?  I get to meet some really interesting people, find out where they're from, their careers and hear their story of how they met.  Their story is often times one that really intrigues me.

There are the online dating options, friend of a friend, college, high school sweethearts etc..

One of my favorite stories was from a wedding a couple years ago -The bride to be was moving from Southern California to San Francisco.  She moved into an apartment by herself and while unpacking started getting a little hungry.

She decided to walk around the neighborhood to find a little restaurant or cafe' to grab a quick bite.  By luck there was a restaurant right down the street.  She walked in and it was JAM PACKED.  There was one space available at the counter and the owner of the place invited her to take a seat.  She was looking at the menu and at the same time the waitress brought over a huge bowl of mac and cheese to the person next to her.  She decided to ask the person if it tasted as good as it smelled.  The answer YES!  She proceeded to order the same thing.  The conversation continued (I think you might be getting an idea of where this is going) and within a couple years the two were married in Carmel.  Can you guess what was on the menu at the wedding?

The story is a fun one but it always makes me think, what if she DIDN'T move from L.A., go into the packed restaurant and if the groom had ordered something different.

I guess the cliche' "Timing Is Everything" really means something!  :)


Adrian Cavlan