Love, spaghetti sauce and wedding DJs



There is no such thing as perfect love. Did I get your attention? Good, because this is important. I’ll say it again, there is no such thing as perfect love, but there is the love that is perfect for you. This sentiment is cliché for a reason, because it’s true.

What do we really mean though when we say there is no perfect love? Simply put, your love for one another, and the expression of that love, cannot and should not be compared to anyone else’s. Pretty heavy thesis for a DJ’s blog post right? Wrong, this is one of, if not the core value driving our mission at Sound in Motion.

I just watched a Ted Talk (link given by Malcom Gladwell, it’s about spaghetti sauce and happiness. In this talk he goes into the science behind why there are so many varieties of spaghetti sauce to choose from in the grocery store. It wasn’t always like that, 30 years ago our choice was between brands, not dozens of varieties within a brand. The paradigm of belief in the food industry was that somewhere out there was the formula for the perfect sauce, soda or mustard.

The game changer was a psycho physicist by the name of Howard Moskowitz. He discovered that data from consumer research did not support the idea of a perfect, or platonic sauce. There was no nice bell curve to show which amount of salt or garlic etc… was the best for the most amount of people. As with love, there is no perfect spaghetti sauce. There is no universal measure of how salty or thick the sauce ought to be, there is no rule to which it ought to conform.

Moskowitz also discovered that if offered a choice, people’s preferences will cluster around certain common denominators. In the case of spaghetti sauce the, by in large the three main factors or preferences were spicy, chunky and plain. What the data showed is that rather than there being a hierarchy of preference, there was a spectrum. That is, there is no one perfect way to make sauce, but many perfect ways.

At Sound in Motion, we believe that the same holds true for your life, your love and your wedding. There is no perfect up-bringing, job, or marriage. But, there is the perfect one we each have and choose. At Sound in Motion we don’t work from the belief that there is a right or wrong way to DJ your wedding. There is your way, and we are here to offer our expertise and experience to help facilitate the expression of your perfect love, and to celebrate your perfect families, friends and coworkers who brought you together and support you.

So come talk to us, find the DJ who you connect with, who is perfect for you. Because we are waiting for the couples who are perfect for us. We come in chunky, spicy, plain and everything in between.

Written by

DJ/MC Tyler Scott

Adrian Cavlan