Meet SIM's DJ Andy Acker!

Here's a little bit about our own Andy Acker!

Where did you grow up?  

Minneapolis, Minnesota.

What “lesson from mom” do you still live by today?

To embrace my sensitivity as a strength.

What were some of your favorite songs in Junior High and High School?  Include any embarrassing songs!

Bust A Move by Young M.C. (still have a cassette of Stone Cold Rhymin' from Junior High), Orion by Metallica, Ten Years Gone by Led Zeppelin, Desert Search for Techno Allah by Mr. Bungle.  

If I were to jump in your car today, what would we be listening to?

Beach House, Wild Nothing, Pretty Lights, Bonobo....and a TON of podcasts.   

If you could be the lead singer of any band, who would it be?

Joy Division, Meat Beat Manifesto, or Dead Can Dance

What is your favorite food establishment and what is your GO TO meal there?

Green Curry Noodles at Charlie Hong Kong's!

Name 3 people you would like to meet:

The Dalai Lama, David Lynch, & Barack Obama. I'd have a lot of questions for all of them.  

If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Nepal, India

What is the one thing you hope people will remember about you?

That they saw something in a way they hadn't considered before.   

Adrian Cavlan