Meet SIM's DJ Logan Andren

Here's a little bit about our own Logan Andren!

Where did you grow up?

Sunnyvale, CA with my mother, with constant connection to Santa Cruz via my father

What “lesson from mom” do you still live by today?

I can't really pinpoint a specific lesson -- I just credit her for raising me with good manners and to always strive to do better. She has always worked extremely hard, long days, still does (as an accountant) and always told me "if you really want to be sure something gets done, do it yourself!"

What were some of your favorite songs in Junior High and High School? Include any embarrassing songs!

I wasn't an "emo" or "goth" kid, but I liked (and still do) bands such as Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Fall Out Boy, etc. I also liked Led Zeppelin and Red Hot Chili peppers alot. My water polo coach would always blast Red Hot Chili Peppers during our 5:30am practices. My favorite song was "Snow (Hey oh)". My mom is from Virginia, so I remember driving around with her listening to country - "Watermelon Crawl" was my favorite.

If I were to jump in your car today, what would we be listening to?

Probably an audiobook on self improvement

If you could be the lead singer of any band, who would it be?

The Beatles - Paul McCartney

What is your favorite food establishment and what is your GO TO meal there?

In-N-Out Burger. Double double and fries! Worked there a year during high-school and never got sick of it - only liked it more!

Name 3 people you would like to meet:

Elon Musk, Benjamin Franklin, Brett Favre

If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be?


What is the one thing you hope people will remember about you?

My willingness to take on challenges, and succeed.

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