Why A One-stop Shop Can Keep Your Life Simple And Make Your Event The Best!

By Murphy Park

Of course you may think we are a little biased on this topic, considering Sound In Motion is a one-stop entertainment shop ourselves, but that doesn't mean the benefits aren't authentic. Planning a wedding is a very long and complicated process with many moving parts, so anytime you can refine and combine those moving parts you are eliminating stress. No matter how many lists you make, or how organized your wedding planner may be, it is still difficult to navigate all of the details that accumulate around a wedding. You can spend many hours on the phone or online researching multiple DJ, Photography, and Photo Booth companies, and sometimes forget who was who! A one-stop shop gives you the luxury of making ONE reservation, and you're done. Here are a few of the other benefits when booking with a one-stop shop:

Communication: Plans change quite a bit during the wedding planning process. Circumstances that you're dealing with a year before the event will more than likely change (such as number of guests, location of the different phases of the event etc.). When you are changing theses details, it is then important that you notify all of the vendors that may be effected. This can take some time. A one-stop shop aids in alleviating that problem. Now if you need to make some song selection changes, change the location of the photo booth, and notify the photographer of a new timeline, you can do this in one phone call instead of three. That time saved is invaluable, and time you can divert to other issues.

Consistency: Another benefit when booking with a one-stop shop is the inherent consistency and reliability that comes with such an operation. In order to operate as one-stop entertainment shop you must have enough equipment and expertise to cover the demand. A service provider that can provide multiple entertainment services will naturally be able to handle a wider set of tasks. So your DJ will not only be an expert in his own craft, but also be able to work with his team on tasks involving the Photo Booth or Photography. Another advantage is the natural energy that comes when working with a team. The chemistry between these three phases of the event is already established, and the people executing these tasks already have a well developed professional relationship.

The benefits of a one-stop shop are boundless, and in what can be a difficult planning process you need all the relief you can get. Turning three emails/phone calls into one can save you hours in the long run. With every new communication there is always the chance a detail is left behind. A one-stop shop will naturally have solid infrastructure because it is operating as a multi-tier service provider. We at Sound In Motion have an incredible management staff that handle these many details with expert precision and cooperation. If you needed to change the graphic for your Photo Booth, give the DJ some new processional music, and inform the Photographer of a new start time, you could make three phone calls; or you can call us. ; )

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Adrian Cavlan