Rockin' the Holy Spirit Festival with DJ Kevin O!


By Kevin O'Scanlon

I had the privilege of DJing and very unique, very historic, and very cool event this past weekend at the Holy Spirit Church in Fremont. The event was the "Presentation Ball" which is just one part of the the Annual "Holy Spirit Festival"

The Holy Spirit Festival is the oldest of its kind in California dating back to 1887, one year after the 1886 dedication of Holy Ghost Church, in thanksgiving for the many blessings bestowed upon the new parish who were predominantly of Portugese descent. Father Governo wanted the church community to sustain the festival without help since the festival was in honor of the church namesake and the anniversary of the parish was on Pentecost Sunday

Today, the festival reflects the diversity of what has now become the largest parish community in the Diocese of Oakland with over 5,000 families in its fold.

I would describe the event as part gala, part prom with a Royal Court and Festival Queen. There is a presentation in the evening, honor the past Queens, and awarding the current Queen with her crown. The committee staff spends an entire week transforming the church gym to reflect the theme, which this years was "Escape to Morocco." I have to say that the transformation of the room was on par with some of the best event and production companies I've seen.

After the presentation, there is dancing and celebrating until late in the night. There were about 300 guests, ages ranging from 5 year olds to grandparents, and they danced the night away. It was a beautiful and uplifting evening... and one HECK of a party!

The Presentation Ball is followed by the Festival and the Parade on Saturday, May 21 and Sunday, May 22.

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Adrian Cavlan