Salsa! The Music! The Blog!

By Adrian Cavlan

Salsa is actually a relatively recent American form of Latin dance music, emerging from the traditions of Cuban (heavily leaning on Son) and Puerto Rican music mixed at turns with a little bit of American Jazz, Rock, R&B and Funk: how’s THAT for a music salad? Oh, but what a salad it is! And Salsa dancing? Gosh, is there a more visually-appealing style in the world? I don’t think so.

Since its birth in New York in the ‘60s, Salsa has become a global music phenomenon, found and loved all over the Latin music world. The very word itself, so descriptive of its musical experience, expresses that which is so valued in Latin culture: flavor, spice, vivacity… heat!

One of Salsa’s most signature elements is its complete integration of African and Latin percussion, including congas, bongos, timbales and the all-important claves.

Here are a couple of all-time Salsa classics. The first is from Celia Cruz, The Queen of Salsa, called “La Vida Es Un Carnaval”

And, did you watch the World Cup soccer tournament in 2014? If so, you’ll instantly recognize this song here: with over 543 MILLION views on YouTube, it’s Marc Anthony with “Vivir Mi Vida”

Adrian Cavlan