Seasonal Pricing: Facts & Fiction

So you want to save some money and still throw the best party ever? The good news is IT CAN BE DONE!

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Some companies offer discounting based on certain factors as discussed below, and some don't.

2) For events and parties, the first quarter is the best time to get discounts. Figure January 2 to about March 15 or so.

3) The day of the week matters: Saturday nights are the times that discounts are typically not given at all. Saturday events that end by 4pm can sometimes be discounted. Fridays and Sundays can often be discounted. Weekdays and nights (Monday-Thursday) can often be deeply discounted, UNLESS they are a holiday, then expect to pay full price.

4) Shorter work hours for people providing services may or may not be meaningful for discount purposes. For example, even if you only need a videographer for 2 hours, if it prevents him from accepting a "normal" 6-8hr. booking at full price, only expect a minor discount, especially if it is on a Saturday night. This is what we call "opportunity cost", and for better or for worse, it's reality for the event professional.

5) Location matters. Some locations may be very close by for the professional you are considering, or perhaps they are very easy to service or they really like working there. These factors can impact pricing. Also, however, expect the opposite: when a venue is far, parking is expensive and load-in is a major nightmare that requires a second person, discounting is usually not as likely. This obviously will vary by professional and profession.

6) It is important to remember that regardless of the season or day of week, the service provider brings the same amount of expertise and does the same amount of work to prepare and render excellent service to you. Above all, this is the reason to keep your discount expectations reasonable : )

Good luck and always feel free to contact us here at Sound In Motion if you have any other questions!

Adrian Cavlan