Silver Creek Valley Country Club's 2011 Venue Fees Drop!

Denise Fattal & Robert Cupp

Denise Fattal & Robert Cupp

This just in from our dear friend Denise Fattal at the spectacular Silver Creek Valley Country Club: their venue fee for 2011 has been dropped to an amazingly-affordable $2,000! This is an incredible rate for a top-tier private country club and makes this level of luxury more accessible than ever before!

The coolest part is that Denise has been a friend of ours since before there even was a Sound In Motion: she originally hired company partner Adrian Cavlan to be her wedding DJ after meeting him at a bridal show in Santa Cruz and then, a few years later, Adrian connected Denise with Marcia Joyner at the ACPWC when she mentioned to him that she wanted to become a wedding coordinator!

Contact Denise right now to get the best available date for your function at Silver Creek, and be sure to mention finding out about them here at Sound In Motion. One minute with her on the phone and you'll see why we lover her and the whole crew at Silver Creek Valley Country Club so much!

Adrian Cavlan