SIM Latin Music Banda Style Pt. III

By Adrian Cavlan

Here's a little look at the world of the Latin music genre known as Banda!

Banda is more about a specific type of instrumentation than a specific style. That is to say, all Banda music is performed by a large (usually 10-20 players) ensemble made up mainly of wind instruments (i.e. trumpets, clarinets, tubas, etc) and percussion. The signature of the genre is the driving beat of the Tambora, a large animal skin-covered drum with a cymbal attached to the top. The style originated in southern and central Mexico in the 1850s as a local interpretation of the military bands that had arrived in the region. Again, the influence of German polka music is felt, along with sounds from American jazz.

In tribute to the FOREVER SF GIANT #54 SERGIO ROMO, here’s Banda MS with “El Mechon”

And here’s a racy one from one of the biggest of them all, Banda El Recodo, with “Mi Ultimo Deseo”

Next week we will look into the world of Merengue!

Adrian Cavlan