SIM is with Sam in his fight against Ewing Sarcoma!

Raffi aka Sam's Team Donor!

Thank you so much for your help at the Club with Sam! We were very successful and raised over $50k+. Everyone had a great time and commented on how nice it was and how different it was from regular fundraisers with great music. They had fun and didn't want to go home.Because of you, the events were well orchestrated. You rock! There are more Sam events to come due to people wanting to have another!I am proud to say our foundation goals have been well met. We will give our first grant to Sam "a family in need" for medical expenses etc and our first grant to Ewing Sarcoma research. We will be able to give to other families in need soon.

I wouldn't have been able to do this event without you. A million thanks for being on Sam's Team and helping him fight for his life....


Jeanne Butler :)

Adrian Cavlan