SIM's Team Helps School Avoid Friday The 13th Curse!

By Raffi Nalvarian

It was Friday afternoon when I did a final check to make sure all last minutes details for events were covered - All Good!

At 6:30 on Friday night Adrian gets a phone call. It was a Jr. High wondering when the DJ was going to arrive (dance starts at 7:00). Come to find out the school planned the dance but forgot to contact us. Whoops!

Sound in Motion to the rescue! I was out to dinner with family when Adrian called and filled me in on the potential disaster that was about to follow. By pure luck DJ Ross Efaw was at the office prepping for an event and I was 10 minutes from the school. He and I met at the school by 6:55 and were playing music by 7:15 for 300 kids! UNBELIEVABLE!! The kids had a great time and so did we!!

We are so lucky to have such a dedicated team of DJ/MCs to pull this together on such short notice.

Who says Friday The 13th has to be such a bad luck day!?!?

Adrian Cavlan