Social Media Overdose

Try to walk down the aisle in these!

Try to walk down the aisle in these!

With the advent of social media - I am finding more and more brides who are OVERDOSING on information. Often times it’s commentary they read on a past bride’s blog page, a wedding planning forum, Pinterest or Instagram.

I took the time to read several BLOGS and talk to couples that were in the planning process JUST to hear some of their ideas. More times than not I heard they found the idea online.

While the above sources might be good and add some value in giving ideas, they can also be the cause Social Media Overdose and stress to the planning of your wedding.

Some things look amazing in print but unless you’ve experienced it first hand or the professionals you have chosen have seen it done, be careful. No two weddings are the same. What may work at one wedding may not work at yours. There are many things that come into play:

1. How much time will it take to execute the idea at the wedding?

2. Will it disrupt the flow of the reception?

3. Is it something that will require your bridal party or wedding guests to organize it?

4. Will anybody else at the wedding notice it?

5. WOW factor – Is the cost worth the end result?

As a professional entertainment based company, we have seen A LOT of different things and more times than not we can share some great insight of what works well and what might be a time suck or a waste of time and money.

Sometimes the cliché’ KISSTBB (Keep It Simple Soon To Be Bride) comes into play!

Feel free to contact Sound In Motion about any of your event ideas.

Raffi Nalvarian

Adrian Cavlan