Sound In Motion and the San Francisco 49ers...

By Kevin O'Scanlon

As many of you may know, the Sound In Motion Entertainment Group has the distinct honor of calling ourselves the “Official Music Providers to the San Francisco 49ers” (As well as other prestigious sporting organizations).  It’s a great title, but what does it mean?

I’m so glad you asked.  There are really two parts to what we do.  Adrian Cavlan, the company owner, sits in at every home game, and literally “DJ’s” to the events at play as they happen.  I’ll let him tell ya more about that in another post.  As for me, I have a different and unique roll with the Niners...

Every home game at Candlestick park, the gates open a full three hours before kickoff.  That’s where I come in.  The pregame party, held in the Bud Light Plaza, is a whirlwind of music, games, giveaways, crowd engagement, and performances by the Niner Noise (Drumline), and my personal favorite, the Gold Rush Cheerleaders!  It’s a variety show for all ages, designed to be a part of what we believe is the greatest fan experience in the NFL.  It’s an awesome joy DJing to the faithful fans, but also pumping the crowd so when 70,000 people take their seats, the energy is already sky high.

I know its a small part of a big picture, but I definitely feel like I am part of the team, battling it out on the field.Some other perks include various events throughout the year for the 49ers.  Last Thursday night I had the privilege of DJing for the 49er Draft Fest (#49erDraftFest) in San Pedro Square Market in San Jose.  3000+ Faithful fans, all gathered to support their beloved Niners!

Check out highlights from the San Pedro Square draft bash here, and make sure to rally for a 49er Faithful Pre-game party to see what all the buzz and excitement is really about!

Adrian Cavlan