Sound In Motion - Through the eyes of a woman

This is a man's world

This is a man's world

But it would be nothing,

nothing Without a woman or a girl.

- James Brown, 1966

My name is Shawn and I am one of the Event Managers here at Sound In Motion. My husband is Adrian, one of the partners, and through that relationship I have had bird’s eye view of the DJ industry over the last 19 years. I have watched many changes in the industry and the growth it has experienced because of technology and artistic innovation. There have been truly amazing advances which have been inspiring to watch and be a part of. There have also been some consistent factors as well. One of which is what I would like to talk about today. Adrian is very active on DJ forums and attends national meetings and trade shows. Usually, when he gets together with his fellow industry mates they take a few photos to mark the occasion. When I look at those pictures there is a very common element: Men.

This is so striking to me because the main clientele of a DJ company are brides. It is one of the few times that the product is mostly male and the customer is mostly female.

What is it like for a bride to almost exclusively be dealing with men? I am sure in many cases there are no problems at all. As I was thinking about writing this blog, I thought about what it is like for me as a woman and a consumer when dealing with different industries. What do I like? What is important to me? What makes me feel comfortable choosing a really large ticket item and spending my money?

What are some of the characteristics of a company that will appeal to a woman?

I reflected on my being on the sales end of the phone calls AND being on the inquiring end. Here are the questions as a consumer that came to mind and how we, at Sound In Motion, handle them.

“Are they going to take the time to listen and understand what I am looking for?”

I don’t like being “sold” when I am gathering information to make a purchase. I like to have the space to explain what my vision is and see if and how a company will make that a reality. I want to talk or email with someone who knows what questions to ask and to give me real life examples of how they can give me what I am looking for.

When myself, or any of the sales team, has the opportunity to chat with a client, we are all ears. Before I can start recommending anything or anyone I need to start visualizing what they are hoping to achieve. With that, we can start bouncing ideas off of each other and really create something amazing. It is more of a collaboration rather than a sales call. We have the expertise and experience to bring to the table and then the client has the passion and hope to charge the situation emotionally. That is the ticket. A mixture of emotion and skill that can create magic!

I want to have a connection with the person that holds so much power at my wedding

Yes. We 100% agree. In fact, this is a rather large distinction between us and many other companies. You first talk with someone in sales. This gets the nuts and bolts together and starts the ball rolling. Next you have the opportunity to meet with the prospective DJ/MC to see if this is the right person for you. Do you like him? Do you feel like he “gets” you? This is important stuff!

Once you book the DJ/MC, he or she is yours and is there for you during your planning. This is where your relationship really gets cemented. You will have online planning forms to fill out that help get your thoughts across regarding music and flow of your day. These directly upload to your DJ/MC so they always know what you are working on and are available to assist you. Our hope is that, come your wedding day, you have created a bond with your DJ/MC and can truly feel like he/she knows you and really gets what you are after. We know that is what drives our DJ/MCs. It is VERY rewarding to them to be with you on such a momentous day AND to make you so happy. It is what keeps them doing what they do!

I want to feel like they want my business

It never feels good to get off the phone with a sales person in any industry and feel like that was just a luke warm conversation. In my experience, brides are really looking to create partnerships with their vendor team to realize their vision for their wedding day. That is not going to happen with someone that is just “phoning it in.”

When I answer the phone and have the opportunity to talk with a bride, it is like they are calling me and not the company. I take it very personally and want to share with them my excitement about what we can do together as well as get the thrill of hearing about them and what their hopes are. It charges me up!

Why does that matter? It matters because we simply care. Caring about our couples is what makes us do great things by them. If we didn’t care so much we would not put in so much behind the scenes time on each and every event that we do. Believe me, I am married to this company. I see ALL. There is a lot that goes on for all of our couples to make sure that everything is perfect and that they know and feel we are thankful for them in the invitation to be with them on their wedding day.In conclusion, I would like to say best wishes on all of your planning. It is a big deal. Whether your day will be small and intimate or big and loud… is your wedding day. We love the opportunity to work with each and every one of you. We want to understand you and help realize your wedding dreams. We hope to talk to you soon!

Adrian Cavlan