Sound In Motion & The San Francisco 49ers Draft 2018

By Adrian Cavlan

We sure have a fun time working with our hometown-favorite San Francisco 49ers!

This time of year is very exciting because we get to see, after months of speculation, which college stars will be joining our squad for the 2018 season.

This year, our braintrust decided that a top-notch pick at the tackle position was the smartest long-term investment in both keeping quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo healthy and prospering, as well as keeping the lanes wide and clear for our running backs! With the 9th overall pick in the first round, we welcomed Notre Dame’s Mike McGlinchey to the fold. We know he’s going to be great and that we’ll have him for many years to come as the likely heir apparent to the legendary #74, Joe Staley.

The Draft has become such a huge thing that all NFL teams have big parties for their fan base to come out and enjoy the process of each team making its pick. For 2018, we packed up the whole kit in Santa Clara and moved north to Pier 29 in San Francisco, where food, drinks and giant TVs with big sound systems were installed to entertain the fans and entertain they did! We had lots of fun with music, contests, cheerleader performances, and great work by event co-hosts Michael Kennedy and Keiana Martin!

Here’s a small taste, and please come join us for next year’s party!

Adrian Cavlan