The DJ/MC & The Assistant...Why The Assistant?

SJ Museum Of Art Before Event

SJ Museum Of Art Before Event

SJ Museum Of Art During Event

SJ Museum Of Art During Event

The photos above show what our assistants walk into before setup and what they create after setup

Why do we bring assistants? Do we really need them?

The answer is no, at most events we don’t really need them. I would say that after set up and takedown: 95% of all events would be fine with just your DJ/MC running the show.

But at Sound In Motion we like having them for a few reasons:

1. Professionalism: At times we need to be doing multiple things in different places. Sometimes it's making an announcement in one room and playing music in another, the ceremony is in a separate area from the reception, lighting to be set up, restroom break, or to eat during the day. We still will have someone ready to go and not be left with just a playlist going for a few minutes. One more really important thing is they can take requests while the DJ focuses on mixing music.

2. Great learning tool for our Staff. The knowledge that one learns from being at so many events is invaluable. Before going out to another event they can bring experience that would take years to learn and most importantly know how to react to any situation. Often times the best education is when things happen in the moment.

3. Problem solver: If anything were to go wrong with a part of the electronics we can always send out our assistants to address the issue and the DJ can stay focused on the rest of the event.

While it may be cheaper for us NOT to have an assistant at the event - We think they add a great deal of value to all of our events!

Thanks for reading.

Andrew Rivas

Adrian Cavlan