The Four Stages Of Learning....To Be A DJ/MC

Inn Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach

Inn Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach

In the 1970’s, a man named Noel Burch described a theory that came to be known as The Four Stages of Learning.

It puts forth the idea that when a person is learning a new skill, they go through four stages of competence on their path to mastery. The path starts with the individual initially being unaware of how little they know and ends with the skill being so ingrained that it can be practiced without it being consciously thought through.

The four stages are described below:

Unconscious Incompetence -  Not understanding or knowing how to do something and not recognizing or caring about one's inability.

Here at Sound In Motion, a person at this stage won’t even make it through the interview process, because to us, everything starts with caring.

Conscious Incompetence - The realization of not knowing how to do something and being willing to start and go through the learning process to acquire the skill.

So, after a newly-hired assistant finishes his or her first ride-along, this is usually exactly where they are. We then will observe their work for several months to make sure we’d like to invest the time in training them. What helps us make that decision? Along with their interest and work, the main thing we consider is whether we think you will like them!

Conscious Competence - Going through the training process and, in a state of concentration, being able to demonstrate the skill.

When you are considering a Staff DJ at our company, you are getting someone who has demonstrated, in the eyes of the owners and management staff, the level of Conscious Competence in executing all of the tasks and skills demanded  in providing DJ and MC services to you on your event day.

Unconscious Competence - The point at which one has had so much practice with a skill that it has become "second nature" and can be performed easily and even artfully.

When you are considering a Senior Staff DJ at our company, you are getting someone who, in the opinion of the owners, has ascended to at least the first rung on the ladder of Unconscious Competence, where our ideal of “art within service” begins.Thank you for reading : )


Adrian Cavlan