The Many Opportunities for YOU at SIM!

By Adrian Cavlan

We have a GREAT company.

It is filled with happy people who love their jobs, and that feeling radiates outward from us and into the events we are lucky enough to be part of!

Sound In Motion is built on the concept of family. When you become a part of SIM, you will notice this immediately. The founding partners became friends in middle school, and their wives, both of whom work in the company, used to work together in a separate business as well. Even our kids work here - not only the partners’, but also SIM DJs who have brought their own kids in to join the team. Another thing you will notice about SIM is how long many of our team members stay. We have lots of people who have been with us for 5,10,15 and even close to 20 years! We think that says a lot about who we are and how we take care of people.

So - does it sound good to be part of a company like ours? We hope so!

Here are some opportunities that we offer:

DJ & Production Assistant - our entry-level position where you learn all about the gear and set up for our events.

AV & Warehouse Tech - advanced gear knowledge with special emphasis on projection, PA systems, wireless mics, telephony, etc.. This position works during the week as well.

Photo Booth Host - Upbeat people who like to have fun and help people enjoy our photo booths.

DJ & MC - If you get hired in our entry-level positions and do well, you may be invited to train to be a Host DJ & MC. It is our most in-demand service and these folks get a big bump in pay for bringing the party to their events!

Photographer - Wedding and special event photography. If you are a highly-skilled pro and want to work with us, we’d love to see your wedding portfolio!

Videographer - Wedding and special event videography. If you are a highly-skilled pro and want to work with us, we’d love to see your wedding demo reel!

Contact us now to see if we’d be a good fit for you!

Adrian Cavlan