The Sounds Of Variety At Your Event

Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys

Here at Sound In Motion, our training program covers A LOT of ground! One of the most fun, and interestingly, most challenging parts for our trainees is our Music History section. Within those units, our trainees are exposed to so much - from Baroque and BeBop to Trap and Twerk!

One of the simple principles we teach is the Nostalgia Cycle: Essentially, at any given time, especially in the first few to middle years after the turn of a decade, we experience the rediscovery, re-emergence and re-interpretation of the sounds of popular music that existed approximately 20 years prior.

For example, as of now, we would be being steeped in the music and sounds of the 1990’s… and you tell me: am I wrong here? Absolutely not! Just take a listen to hot Top 40 radio and you’ll hear a whole mix of the different sounds of that decade. In fact, we just had a good long run with what was essentially the re-emergence and reinterpretation of Top 40 club music (tempos, sounds, arrangements) and now we are seeing the re-emergence of early 90’s Hip Hop and West Coast funk.

What does it mean to us? To you? Just get ready to have some fun dancing and partying as your DJs throw down a great mix that will shift gears between the 90’s and now almost effortlessly, and get ready to hear ever more “new” music that has a strangely familiar feel.

- DJ Adrian

Adrian Cavlan