The Story Of Kevin & Diana's Wedding: A seasoned pro learns what it's like to plan his own wedding!

I have been a professional Wedding DJ for nearly 10 years. Over the course of those years, I have worked with all different kinds of people, all who have different approaches and perspective on how to plan their wedding. I’ve always done my best to understand not only the hopes and goals of my clients, but also the planning and process it takes to get from idea to execution.

When I got engaged in July 2010, the tables turned, and I went from client to customer and got a true insight into what it really takes to plan the wedding of your dreams. My fiance and I set out to plan our perfect wedding...on a budget...thinking we were seasoned experts.

Although we probably had a bit more wedding experience then your average Joe, as it turned out, there were a ton of things we both had to learn. Many things that I, as a wedding professional in a specific field, hadn’t even considered.

It is my hope that I can not only share some of the experiences I had, but also use my recent enlightenment to better understand and service the couples that are trusting me with such a huge roll in one of the biggest days of their lives. Understanding what my clients are going through has already had profound effect on how I approach every aspect of my job... from the first conversation to the last dance of the night.

So off we were, to plan our dream wedding. We were going to get married on 11/11/11, in a small Church on the Island of Maui. The reception would follow in a rented vacation house with 100 of our closest friends.......or so we thought.

Adrian Cavlan