To Beach or Not to Beach, That is the Question.

Ceremony on the coast

Ceremony on the coast

by Garrett Fisher

Sound In Motion Manager

We are so blessed to have such an amazing land and seascapes around us here on the central coast! So much so, that I believe we take it for granted. We have the stunning redwood forests, breath-taking cliff-faced coast lines, brilliant cityscapes--all within reasonable driving distance! So how do you decide where to get married?

For my wife and I, we chose to get married on a beach as we spent a lot of time when we were dating stargazing in the sand. Granted it wasn’t the beach we spent time at. No, our wedding was guerilla style at a beach in Davenport. We just showed up and got married!

The images are just what we wanted, but one of the biggest things I remember while reciting my vows were the ungodly amount of sand flies there were just 5 feet away! If pictures retained the smell of where they were taken, I wouldn’t share theses either. Sure some beaches smell great! Fresh, salty sea air. But most have some “thing” that is no more, aside from their lingering remains.

Sand was EVERYWHERE, too! I know from experience that I should expect this to happen, but it found new places to reside during and after my wedding.

My wife had forgotten her bouquet in her friend's car, too. The one that made me late finishing it.

Parking was pretty bad too.

Would I have changed it to another location in hindsight? Nope. Not in a million years!

You see, my wife and I are fairly rare people. We know that those little things that went “wrong” are the very things that make that day so amazingly memorable! Do you remember when nothing happened in your life? Neither do I. That’s not to say you should look for things to go sideways. You should take those kind of things as a wonderful way to remind yourself of those great moments in your life where you overcame obstacles and attained something wondrous!

Should you get married at the beach? I would highly recommend it!

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