Visualize Your Special Event

By Adrian Cavlan:


1. Form a mental image of; imagine.

2. Make (something) visible to the eye.

It is an important concept, isn’t it?

It is pretty common knowledge that every great event that we plan in our life starts with a vision of what we want it to be in the end, but I’d like to address the second meaning listed above: adding visuals to your event.In the old days, a DJ would show up with a disco ball, plug it in, and voila - visuals! But we live in a very different age: our whole world is becoming visual-based. Think of one of the biggest central changes in modern life: the cell phone. Our cell phones capture still photos and video with pretty amazing quality, shoot visual text messages to our friends every day and we can even watch movies or YouTube videos on our phones any time we please.

When you plan your special event, how will you incorporate this now-expected environment of visuals into it? Remember, once you set up a projector and a screen, it becomes a blank canvas upon which you can paint all kinds of visual content all night long!

For example, throughout the night, you could:

  • Show music videos

  • Have your friends text in special messages, song requests and special dedications

  • Have an animated monogram that moves and changes color

  • Show a love story photo montage of childhood photos, to your engagement shots.

  • Show special video messages to you from relatives who couldn’t make the trip

  • Or, Skype them in LIVE to give a toast at your wedding!

  • Show live photos of your event as it is happening from your guests’ cell phones

  • Show images from inside your photo booth

  • Hook up a commercial-grade quartz visualizer program to show amazing graphics that change shape, texture and color with the music.

You see? (no pun intended ; )

There are so many cool things you can do just by adding the visual element to your event.

Give us a call and let’s discuss how to visualize your party!

Adrian Cavlan