Wedding Day Plan B

By "King Raffi" Nalvarian

Memorial weekend in the Bay Area is generally perfect weather for an outdoor wedding ceremony, cocktails, dinner and even dancing. This year was an exception.

Sound In Motion was scheduled for multiple events on Saturday (3 of them outdoors). All of us got to our events on schedule to set up and get ready for fun evening of festivities, but Mother Nature had other ideas. We were able to do all the ceremonies outside but In a span of one hour - things DRAMATICALLY changed. Every event that was set up outside was RUSHED inside, guests were getting soaked, all the table settings were getting pummeled and bride's tears were being shed as fast as the rain came down. While their ideas were crushed, their receptions weren't. Vendors and guests stepped up and moved everything inside at each of the venues. YES it was jam packed with guests but nothing a little creativity couldn't fix. The best news was that all the weddings were a success due to great teamwork and dedication to making a wedding day memorable.

So the moral of the story is:

  1. Make sure you have a venue that can facilitate an indoor/outdoor wedding.

  2. Have an open mind - Even on your wedding day.

  3. Know that things can change and have a Plan B in place.

  4. Still make a point of having a great time on your wedding day!



Adrian Cavlan